Session Details

Bicknell Studios offer an Indoor and Outdoor Studio.  Their Indoor Studio has many photographic props and settings as unique and diverse as their clientele.  Their Outdoor Studio consists of a location anywhere from the Midway Beach at Lewis & Clark Lake to a train track in a beautiful field of flowers.

Let Heather Bicknell at Bicknell Studios create a one-of-a-kind personal work of art for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the session take?

All of the portrait sittings take 1-1/2 hours, longer if you have requested both an indoor and outdoor sitting. High School Seniors usually take two hours, allowing for clothing changes and indoor/outdoor shooting combinations.  We will allow longer for newborn sessions to allow for feeding, changing, etc.   

What should we wear?

Clothing can make or break a beautiful photograph.  Memorable portraits can take some planning.   You want the people to be featured and not the clothes, therefore stay away from large stripes, plaids, and flowers.  For best results, solid colors are always better.  In a family portrait please don't let everyone wear their favorite outfit!  Have all family members dress in the same tones.  Not everyone has to be dressed alike, (and it really is better if they don't), but simple coordination is necessary.  For outdoor portraits, good options are  in blues, grays, tans, browns, rusts and burgundies.  We also see a lot of people in khaki and white, khaki and black, denim and black and denim and white or a mixture of some of these colors which also look great.  Remember that 3/4 length and long sleeves as well as darker colors are the most slimming on men and women.  Indoor portraits can have any colors as long as they are solids or a very tiny print.  If you want a large portrait for your home, think about what colors suitable for your home and dress accordingly.  For high school seniors or children, choose what is unique to them.  I always tell my clients to choose clothing that brings out their personality the most.  What do they love?  Does your daughter love frilly skirts and tap shoes?  Let her wear them, she will eat up the camera by dancing around the room!  Does your son love superman?  Let him wear that cape or shirt!  He also will be unique and his personality will not only come through, but you will always remember that time in his life when he loved superman.

What about Jewelry?

Keep big jewelry to a minimum.  It does distract from the photograph if it is too large and bulky.  

What about my pets?

We love pets at Bicknell Studios!  Just let me know pre-sitting.  There is a small fee for pets.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail Heather at the Studio anytime. Thank you.